• The State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Jharkhand is the Apex Institute for Training & Research in Rural Development. The institute is located on Ratu Road, Hehal, Ranchi, Jharkhand -834005.
  • The Institute was set up by Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Community Development and Co-operation (Department of Community Development), Government of India in the year 1954
  • “Development Officers Training Institute”, when Community Development Programmes first started in the country.It is one of the oldest Institute in India. The Institute was set up to impart training to the Block level functionaries in the Community Development Programmes from Bihar.After the bifurcation of Bihar and creation of the Jharkhand State, the Government of Jharkhand changed the name as “STATE INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT” in the year 2002.
  • SIRD, Jharkhand provides training and engages in research for Rural Development. SIRD also organizes various training programmes for elected members of 3-tier PRIs, NGOs and different levels of officials of PR and other line departments both through in-house and off-campus mode.

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Objectives :

"State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) "


      The main objective of  SIRD  is to impart training to various official and non-official functionaries , directly or indirectly involved in the process of rural development so as to equip them with the following :-

1.An understanding of the sociological and behavioral perspectives for better understanding of the problems of rural population .

2.Imparting skills for efficient designing , implementing , monitoring and evaluating rural development programmes.

3.Equip rural community with Community Mobilization Techniques.

SIRD aims at carrying out research and formulate operational policies to bring about development in all spheres of technologies for strenghtening the qualitative and quantitative aspects of rural community.

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Source : SIRD Jharkhand